Weekly Q&A

Topics include:

* Frankie Fihn That strategy makes sense, but I see this potential issue, how do you navigate:

– If you’re new to a business model/niche, there are going to be a ton of holes in your delivery and fulfillment. This means you won’t always provide a good experience, or get good results for a client. So if you’re getting deal sources early on, that could work in the reverse by damaging your opportunities in these circles.

Now if you’re doing white label fulfillment, this is even more of a risk.


* Hey Everyone,

Where do you hire commission only sales peeps?

* Anyone have an approach that has worked for getting interviews within their niche?

* Hey Frankie myyyman! Are you using AI to follow up with leads automatically ?

* So I asked Frankie Fihn about posting this question. We have a call center in our agency and we book hundreds of leads for our clients. We have grown it to a point where we can offer it as a white label service to other agencies. Would any one in the group be interested in chatting about having a pro level call center book appointments for your clients? We charge $15 per lead to follow up with clients and can book them into any system, like to know what you guys think.. could you mark that up and sell it to your clients? Frankie thinks that it might be worth quite a bit to someone who needs this help.. any feedback would be really appreciated-

* Does anyone have any tips on agency website design, and what to include on the website? Is anyone having luck with chat bots, or particular inquiry forms, a lead page, giving away free info., that has helped to attract interested clients?

* What’s your approach to hiring and training new team members?


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