Most people don’t understand the deeper thing they’re really selling.

As a result, they chase clients, have long sales calls, get ghosted, and get stuck in proposal limbo.

I’ve never met anyone who wanted a plane ride just because they loved riding on a plane.

In fact, almost everyone who gets on a plane ride…

…(a) was trying to leave somewhere

…(b) trying to get somewhere else

Lots of people are trying to get away from driving in traffic, office politics, pointless meetings and an asshole boss.

They are trying to get to the beach, drinking out of a coconut, and looking at bikini asses.

Most services, whether it’s SEO, PPC, Facebook, Google, Web Design, etc…

…are plane rides.

They are vehicles to a destination.

They help folks fix undesirable problems and get to desirable destinations.

Compare these two promises.

A: We have the nicest, coziest, best, most effective, and cheapest plane ride in the industry.

B: We can get you out of your daily traffic rat race, pointless meetings, and asshole bosses in Dallas and get you drinking out of a coconut under the palm trees in Aruba with 1 direct 4 hour flight.

Same deliverable. Vastly different perception.

Nobody buys the process to get there.

They buy the transformation of before to after.

Are you selling the outcome your clients achieve? Are you selling the problems you help solve?

Or are you selling the long, difficult plane ride to get there?

Because if I look at 20 agency websites, 19 are selling the plane ride.

Random thoughts on a Wednesday in Mexico.

May the force be with you.

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