Perry Marshall shows behind the scenes of businesses that are making money today with AI.

OpenAI, ChatGPT and Natural Language processing are the 2023 equivalent of what made history 20 years ago.

We have begun a new genesis of the internet.

Just as paid search poured kerosene on the internet 20 years ago, we are about to hit a major upcycle catalyzed by AI.

2023-2026 will be boom years backed by the real estate cycle and jet fueled by the economic miracle of a New Internet.

Ask yourself this:

How valuable is the internet? If 10% of all business is done online, and the world economy is $127 trillion. So $10 trillion is a conservative estimate for the value of the web.

But in the near future… how valuable is the internet when it understands what you are saying???

At least 5X. I say 10X.

Online marketing genius Perry Marshall says,

“The web will swell with tens of trillions of dollars of value and new virility in the coming years. We are about to see an expansion not unlike the online gold rush of 2003-2007.”

People come to Perry Marshall to get a sensible, grounded perspective on how to roll with change. Perry is one of the respected “fathers of internet advertising.” He literally wrote the book on Google: The Definitive Guide to Google Ads, now in its 5th edition.

So, when Perry says tens of trillions he’s not joking.

But, as with everything these days, 95% of marketers will get 5% of those trillions.

5% will get 95% of them.

Which is why Perry is hosting the Definitive Traffic & AI Seminar, May 23-25.

And why I’d like you to watch this sneak peek video. (link: It will give you a taste of the quality of insight, advice, and practical tactics you’ll get at the event.

At Perry’s May seminar he will give you the best shot at landing in that 5%…not the 95% who get left behind.

You can’t afford to wait to get on top of this because there is a VERY strong chance your competition is already serving prompts to ChatGPT and using it to figure out what works and what doesn’t.

What happens if you give your competition a one-year head start?

They will eat you for breakfast.

They may already be chowing down.

Harness the power of ChatGPT and AI to help you generate scalable traffic before they do.

Starting gun fired a couple of months ago.

Clock is ticking and tocking.

If you run a digital marketing agency…


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