RE: Following up with clients who are in the deciding phase.

A lot of peeps ask me questions right after they send out a proposal.

Should I say this? Do that? What’s the next step? They said this, so what should I respond?

There is no one-sized fits all answer that works on everybody

Here’s the key.

There is a big difference between following up and following up with power.

Here’s the difference.

Following up:

A narrowly disguised “so did you read my proposal” or “did you want to buy my service” message. It reeks of desperation.

Following up with power:

This adds to the process of helping them decide. Some examples…

* “Here are some case studies/testimonials/additional ideas I had to help you decide”.

* “Forgot to mention we can also help you with ________”.

* “Let me share a little more about our process, so you know what will happens after”.

* “Had another idea for you about _____.”

* “Here are a couple FAQ questions we normally get. You may have a few of them yourself.”

* Or good old-fashioned humor about how they are busy.

Next time, you just want to know…

…are you in or you out?

Think about how you can help make that decision easier. Give them tools, resources, and ideas to help facilitate a decision.

There’s a huge difference between…

“So did you get a chance to look at our proposal?”


“Hey dude. Really excited about ABC company and how we can collaborate. We attached a case study of a client who was in a really similar situation to you. Check it out when you have a few.”

These people are busy and get him up by other marketers daily.

You need to go the extra mile to help them decide.

(Of course, the more irresistible your offer is, the less you have to do proposals and chasing in general. But powerful follow up is still a useful tool to have.)

Random thoughts in Mexico.

May the force be with you.


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