If you understand the bigger idea here, this post will make you a lot of money.

Yesterday, I asked how many biz, marketing, and self development books folks have…


…answers were…

….35, 20, 183, 104, 30, 100, 5, 15, 120, 100.


Peeps who bought a single book…


…tended to buy many, many books.


Nobody said “just 1”. Nobody.


This is 80-20.


20% of the people buy 80% of the marketing, biz, and self-development books. (For the most part, it’s peeps like us.)


My brother Jordan doesn’t read any books.


If you had asked him, his answer would be zero.


Tomorrow it will be zero. The day after will be zero.

If you pitched my brother a marketing book, what do you think would happen?


Probably paddling up shits creek, right?


What if you pitched one of the folks above? How much do you think that would affect your chances?


No guarantees, but it would be a lot easier, no?


And if you’re selling books…


…wouldn’t you rather show them to someone who has a documented history of buying 100+ books similar to yours?


Everything is like that.


20% of the dentists buy all the marketing services.

20% of the roofers spend most of the money on ads.

20% of the agency owners have all the clients.

Because, the way I see it…


….lotsa folks be asking the wrong questions.


“How can I cold email 10,000 dentists per day?”

“How can I get 100 booked appointments this month?”

“How can I sell more of my _________ service?”

“How can I find the next great appointment setter/media buyer?”

Instead of…


“Who are the 20% of people in my market who spend all the money?”

“Where are all the buyers of my kinds of services?”

“What are the needs of these people?”

“Where can I contribute and add value to these buyers?”

“What is the buyer’s market missing now that I could help provide?”


80% of the folks in any market aren’t buyers and never will be.


A big part of our job is sifting through the noise to get in front of the 20%.


Be more rifle (precise) and less shotgun (spray and pray).


Random thoughts on a Thursday morning in Mexico.


May the force be with you.

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