Some of the easiest cash you’ll ever make…

Client hires you and like most businesses…

…has zero lead nurture.

Offer to do the following…

  1. Help them set up a lead nurture for them on form inquiries.

The key is to tell them what software they need and have them use your affiliate link as part of the sign up process.

(I use aweber but there are dozens of tools that do this.)

  1. Take 5 or 10 of their best testimonials and put them into an automated follow up series.

You don’t write a single word. Use what they already have. Use client assets that already exist.

  1. Hire a VA on fiverr for like $10-20 to set this up for you.

Before: Interested customer fills out an email form and nothing.

After: Interested customer fills out an email form and gets drip fed 5-10 solid testimonials of why they should work together.

I’ve been getting software affiliate commissions for 5+ years.

Do once. Get paid again and again.

Random thoughts on a Thursday afternoon in Mexico.

May the force be with you.

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