Weekly Q&A

Topics include:

* Experienced Agency Owners! If you were to start again today what would you do differently?

* When approaching shoe stores wanting to do their podcasts or training session for their members, is it standard to present 2 to 3 topics, or is it acceptable to present on a single topic? Frankie Fihn

* At what point do you decide, “ok this niche I’m targeting is just not going to work out and I have to drop it”??

(Some background context):

Been trying to target roofers and hvacs with a database reactivation “pay us after getting a paid invoice” deal, but somehow they aren’t actually READING the offer details, but instead reacting and saying “oh this is the same old tired lame pitch we always get dozens of times a day from you pay per lead marketers”.

Which it clearly isn’t. So they just aren’t paying attention.

Thinking, is it worth it to do whatever I need to break thru that zombie-brain wall, or just say forget it and move on?

* i just finished watching your video about all the different agency owners sharing what works for them. one common theme was to put out a bunch of targeted content for generating inbound.

any tips on how to best do that without the burnout and “drudgery” that can creep in?

Frankie Fihn (cool idea to cover that in your weekly Q and A?)

* How many people here use web design as their repeatable service offering? I’m just beginning with the materials. To me, doesn’t seem simple enough to scale.

If not web design, what’s everyone offering as their repeatable service?

* Hi Everybody!

It’s great to be here!

I run a White Label Agency in Pakistan. I’m curious how do you evaluate if a white label company is the best fit for you?

I want to ace my white labeling game, and would really appreciate your tips!

* Help!! I am drowning in onboarding! I guess I am pretty good at selling websites and marketing packages and I am horrible at onboarding. I need content, GMB, Pictures, passwords just all kinds of things from my clients and I am very unorganized. Even after 7 years in this business this is still my downfall and biggest time waster. Is there an app for this? Thanks!!

* I’m in the developmental stage of starting my own agency. Struggling with the niche, but thinking of targeting Window Cleaning Businesses. Any thoughts or advice on this niche idea? Maybe someone already has clients in the niche and can provide some insight.

* Quick question…

Based on your experience, what are the top 2 reasons that you see clients deciding to leave or churn?


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