The hardest thing you’ll ever do is converting cold traffic for clients.

You’re seen as an expense until proven otherwise.

It‘s never fast enough or cheap enough.

Plus, as the process ramps up, there is lots of “reassure me”.

“Can you call me?”

“We spent _____ so far and only got ______.”

“Can we get an update?”

If you do SEO, you may have the same “reassure me” conversation for 6-12 months.

Sell cold traffic and clients will always watch you like a hawk.

Today I woke up to $1100 that came in while I was sleeping.

That’s before any active income.

I did nothing.

There were no meetings, phone calls, or anyone to answer to.

I didn’t even have to deliver anything.


I’ve figured out how to monetize other people’s warm traffic.

We create little $500-$5k/month passive automated recurring income streams.

Sometimes more.

See, there has been a big shift in the last decade. We have shifted to the creator economy.

Anybody with an iphone and some basic editing skills can be a social media star.

It‘s not uncommon for people to get 1000’s or even millions of fans…

…with no plan to monetize their audience.

Other than hoping for a sponsorship.

Hope is NOT a business strategy.

That’s where we come in.

Everyone else is trying to sell them the “undefined more”.

We’ll get your more like, subscribers, and comments.

Which will “hopefully” translate to more cash.

And you have to pay a monthly fee first.

We offer something easier…

“If I bring you $100 you didn’t have to do anything for, would you let me keep $50?”

And I’ll bring you the $100 first. Which by the way, outreach is only 1000x easier when you’re saying “I want to pay you for what you created”…

…instead of “will you pretty please buy my shit”. You’re seen as a source of cash.

Here‘s the secret.

They’re run the ball 99 yards up the field. Then stopped 1 yard short of the goal line.

The only thing missing?


They don’t make offers. Or they make too few of them.

Or they know they need to make offers but they’re too busy doing their thing.

Nothing is more predictably tied to revenue than “offers made”.

Make zero offers? Make zero income.

Make a lot of offers? Make a lot of income.

Once you know how to make offers…

distribution is more valuable than money.

Because you can monetize audiences over and over.

With offers.

Especially related offers that add value to their audience.

And they’ll keep driving more and more traffic to your offers.

Inserting dogshit simple offers in other people’s audiences is the most “unbusiness” business I’ve ever done.

There are no teams, reports, or challenges of scale.

I don’t even deliver anything. I’m not selling my own services.I just take someone else’s audience and drop in a recurring offer. Pay myself a healthy cut of the profits.

Then sit back and let the recurring payments come in.

On Friday, March 15th, we’re jamming on building passive automated recurring income streams.

I’ll share the best 2 “affiliate” (kind of) offers to drop into their flow. How to structure them.

If that’s your cup of tea, check the first comment.

Random thoughts on a Friday in Mexico.

May the force be with you.

PSI’m so far outside the agency box now that there is barely a box visible. But I’m talking with a guy in 10 minutes with a 150k email list and no monetization plan.

Think if you offered something to 150,000 people…

a warm engaged audience…


just maybe…

one of them might buy something?

If you run a digital marketing agency…

…get a copy of my book: