100 clients can use your service…

…and it’s 100 different things to 100 different people.

Nobody buys a plane ride because they love…

* Ergonomic seats

* The friendly flight attendants

* A bag complete with 3 peanuts

* Sandwiches that barely qualify as a high school cafeteria food

* The 4-hour layovers

* Butthole checks from TSA (unless you’re Dan… then you specifically request these).

Every single person is…

A. Leaving one place

B. Getting to another placeNobody is buying the journey.


Why does it matter?

Because the journey is the place where you wield your magic.

It‘s the thing you’re closest to. So it’s the thing you probably most want to talk about.




Facebook Ads.


Content. Etc.

Whatever your flavor of plane ride is.

But it’s far better to talk about…

…how much the office politics suck, driving in traffic, alarm clocks, stupid meetings, and assholes bosses…

(AKA where they are leaving from)

…and how great the beach is, with bikini butts, sunshine, palm trees, and sipping out of a coconut…

(AKA where they are going to)

…and NOT the process of getting there.

Stop talking about what you’re doing.Start talking about what gets done.

It‘s the difference between “we run Facebook ads” and “we get dentists implant patients for $250 each using Facebook ads”.

If I look at 10 agency websites, 9 are selling the plane ride.You‘ll get far better results saying, “Yes, we fly from Atlanta to the Bahamas direct”.

Random thoughts on a Tuesday in Mexico.May the force be with you.

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