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Topics include:

* Frankie Fihn talks a lot about getting paid more for solving bigger problems, so I’m working on doing just that!

A big problem in my niche (bankruptcy attorneys) is that my attorneys suck at converting prospects into retainers. And even if they don’t suck at this, the good attorneys don’t have enough time to do the intro sales calls. I’ve been personally helping a few of my attorneys with this by taking their sales calls. This obviously doesn’t scale beyond me, but the good news is that I have evolved a script that works reliably to convert prospects into retainers.

I tried to hire a US-based closer to use this script, but he ended up having a substance abuse problem and he was just a nightmare to work with. (To be fair, maybe I should have expected that for $15/hour in the US.)

I’d like to try hiring out of LATAM (Latin America) for several reasons. First, if this works, my clients would love a low-cost way of taking those calls. Second, if I can offer a high relative wage, then perhaps I could attract high-quality people who would be a pleasure to work with! That would be fantastic. And third, the time zone overlap would be great.

Can anybody point me to resources on hiring LATAM-based English-speaking to do phone sales on inbound leads? I know that Frankie has had success hiring expats in Mexico… Is that still a good route to go?

Here are some of the questions that I’m currently working on:

1. Should I use a placement service where you pay like $3k to hire somebody in LATAM? Or do it myself?

2. Is there a way to mitigate the threat of identity theft while using non-US employees to help collect documents?

3. Is there a good country to focus on for hiring people with “good” accents? (Doesn’t have to be perfect, but reasonably understandable to Americans.)

4. What’s a good amount to pay people? I’m actually willing to pay a lot, so I’m not looking to penny pinch.

BTW, I’m not asking for answers to these questions, although I’d certainly appreciate answers.

I’m just explaining the types of questions I’m exploring.

If you have experience doing this stuff, I’d love to hear from you!

* Should i use Loom strategy if English is my second language?

* I am new to the group and infact new to agency/SMMA’s as a career. I have worked in the music industry for 35 years in various capacities including marketing, but that business is on its knees and has been for two decades (thanks to Spotify, et cetera.) for everyone, except a tiny minority.

With that much being said should I still specialise as an SMMA in the music industry, branch out to creators in general, such as authors, course creators (or even OnlyFans !). Or is industry niche so important I should just find an industry that that has more money? I’d concentrate on Facebook ads and email marketing funnels.

* For those who are already crushing it with backend deals…

Conventional wisdom and experience states that – if a business owner doesn’t contact newly generated leads within 5-15 minutes, then that lead is highly unlikely to ever respond back again, and is basically “dead”.

from what i understand, in a back end deal database reactivation we are ONLY contacting actual previous customers, who have bought or hired their services before.

but is there anything we can do with those leads that they generated in the past but never got any reply from?

do you segment your campaigns to differentiate those lead types?

* Hello everyone, relative newbie here, looking for some advice …

I was trying to implement the “one-to-many” technique by going after Suppliers for Home Service Contractors, in the hopes they could make some introductions and pass along my message to their contractor clients.

this was my message to them (messaged over 550 of them on their website “contact us” page), which got a lovely ZERO replies (so either they decided to ignore it, or somehow all of them never saw it):


Hey {{name}},

I figured out a solid way to get your contractor clients to purchase more supplies from you, while also bringing them more pre-sold jobs without them needing to lift a finger…

You get more of your supplies sold, and they get to reduce their overhead and get back more time, while their revenue grows on autopilot… True win/win for both of you.

Cool to share more details with you ??


what can i do to improve my results and get some positive replies and momentum?

* Hi Guys,

Do you know 5 underrated and unknown niches with high ticket in 2024 ?

* Anyone working with realtors? Are you still able to get them decent results despite this tough market time?

* Looking for advice! I have a list with 8 000 people, where cca 1000 are paying clients low-ticket and cca 100 high-ticket online courses (personal development niche) Here comes the tricky part: This list is from a client who couldn’t pay for my services anymore. I ended up with the list…. I know I can’t start sending emails to people due to GDPR. How would you use that list?

* Wondering if any of our 2.5k members here are generating leads for home improvement businesses? I got asked to get leads in return for 10% commission on jobs they won. Do you charge per lead or commission?

* Would anyone be willing to share their qualification questions used to vet potential clients in an automation?

* Is anyone here in the tourism sector? I was a marketing and advertising consultant for several high profile tour companies for several years and it was really great until covid wiped out virtually all of my clients. Because I was a consultant, I would usually work with one client at a time at a monthly rate of $30,000. My strategies, once implemented, generated well into the multiple millions in revenue year after year. I haven’t been in that industry since 2020 and am wondering if anyone else is working with tour operators. How well are they doing these days? Video for attention – this particular video we produced for digital ads that played on giant screens inside the Kauai airport.

* Is it frowned upon to whitelable seo campaigns for my own agency? I don’t necessarily have the time to do it all myself, but I don’t need a Marketing Assistant yet. Thoughts?

* What are your thoughts on owners not wanting to spend money on their FB ads but instead using personal account to post for free on FB marketplace? (This is in the landscaping niche but have had salons and groomers do this as well to save money.) Just comes across as unprofessional. They are lumping themselves in with unlicensed and unprofessional contractors, which is not helping their brand image. Am I wrong?

* One question about the new book

How can I generate income from your new book with zero existing clients, utilizing the commission-based model?

* which niches are actively spending the most right now.. roughly


If you run a digital marketing agency…

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