It’s been 4+ years since we’ve done a sales call.

And we have a regular flow of closed sales.

The most common response is “I’m in”. Then an email payment.

If you’ve ever wanted to ditch the sales calls…

…and have people pay you after watching a short video…

..but don’t see how it’s possible for you…

…listen up!

1. Get crystal on the outcome you provide.

SEO, PPC, ads, and funnels are NOT outcomes.

People buy 6-pack abs. Nobody buys the process to get there of kettle bells and broccoli shakes.

What does your service look like when it’s finished?

Sell what gets done.

Don’t sell what you’re doing to get them there.

People buy the dream beach vacation and not the plane ride to get there.

Turn that into a visual picture and clients get it immediately.

2. Inbound > Outbound

Bring people to you.

Can you still close videos cold with strangers?


But why would you want to chase people?

Isn’t the whole point of a video close to NOT grind for sales?

Run paid ads or co-create content to people with audiences in your niche.

There are plenty of ways to drive inbound.

Attract over chase.

3. Offer, offer, offer

If you can’t sell your offer in 1-3 sentence…

…no amount of VSLs, funnels, emails, and appointment settings will change that.

The most common offer problem?

The undefined “more”.

More leads. More sales. More customers/clients/patients.

How do you know when “more” is done anyway?

Clients don’t want “more”.

Most are already overworked.

They want a simpler, superior process.

Think less but better.

How do you make it easier than what they do now?

How does your process make it easier, faster, better, and with less mistakes?

In there is a hell of an offer.

4. Learn how to present price out of sequence

Know the number one question people want to know on a call?

They just want to know…

“How much is it?”

I learned all the common stall tactics.

“Until I know if I can help you, the price is zero.”

Now we display our prices.


I don’t even talk to someone if they don’t already know what the investment is.

We only talk to 8’s, 9’s, and 10’s.

Most people will spend an hour and a half trying to chase and convince a 3 out of 10.

Completely unnecessary.

Learn to present price any time, any place.

Then you only have to talk to people who already know who you are, what you do, and how much it costs.

Our videos never take a day off. Delivers a perfect pitch every time.

Doesn’t get any better than that.

Random thoughts on a Thursday in Mexico.

Daddy’s back.

May the force be with you.

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