Shout out to a few superstars in here.

Figured this is a nice break from the Black Friday offers and bone dry turkey leftovers.

Let’s share resources.

Wanted to extend some love to some people in here. People that are doing great, high quality shit.

These are folks who I have personally worked with. Figured a few of you could benefit from them as well.

Sam Whelan:

Sam’s copy skills are straight up legendary. The majority of courses we put out, Sam wrote in my voice. Dude is a savage. If you’ve got good content lying around and an audience to pitch it to, catch up with Sam. Sam is the closest thing to “found money” that there is.

Jonathan Mast:

Wrote us some killer long form authority content in our 90-day challenge. The kind of stuff that causes clients to look you up and go “oh these guys know what they’re talking about”. We also got some handy video scripts. He’s got the “authority all in one” system. He offers this as a service. Worth it.

Ali Kamel:

Ali wrote us some great PR and news articles. Our stuff was live in days. Super cool guy. Easy as hell to hang out with too. I think, especially for those of you guys who do SEO, this is such a complimentary piece. You can either (a) upsell your clients on PR and have Ali fulfill or (b) use Ali to get your clients quality links.

Dennis Yu:

We use Dennis’ Dollar Per Day ads process. Shit works. It’s available for super cheap as a course and he has a free community to discuss it. It’s the ultimate way to “bring people to you” instead of “chase” business. Anyone can invest $1 per day and get started.

Martin Frelih:

Martin is a tech wizard and all around good guy/dad. He revamped our entire Wolfpack members area, rebuilt our website on WordPress, automated our personalized thank you letters, and is currently building out our affiliate program (coming soon). If you got something cool to build and need to figure out tech, this is your guy.

Lane A Houk:

The Lanetrain runs Quantum Agency who is our White Label partner in the 90-day challenge. They’ve built us multiple websites, run PPC campaigns, launch SEO. One of our clients already has a few #1 rankings and we’re just barely started. We’re also users of his Signal Genesys software, which gets you PR links at scale. Great stuff.

Bogdan Gavrić:

The BDog is my homey. He’s quietly ran our lawyer Facebook ads in the background for years and years. Deeply spiritual and we talk a lot of quotes from the book Seth Speaks. He’s told me he’s looking for work to pay for his university right now. So if you’re looking for help, talk to him.

I’m sure forgetting more than a few A+ folks in my tired dad brain. Wanted to give props to a few legends.

Who else makes your list?

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