“We guarantee it or we’ll pay you $1000!”

Alex Hormozi handed a bunch of newbies dynamite.

$100m offers are great when they’re followed by $100m fulfillment.

But a lot of people took that book to mean make empty $100m promises.

Now business owners are even more jaded by marketers than ever before.

Here‘s an alternative to just making bigger, louder, more “bro-like” promises…

…with increasingly exotic guarantees.

Highlight the non-monetary parts of your delivery.

A mentor of mine described the challenge of building an 8-figure law practice.

Everyone else was offering bigger and bigger promises of we’ll win you money.

If the last guy said he’ll get you a $1 mill…

…now there’s a guy who will get you $2 mill.

In his own words, he said…”I’m a B+ lawyer.”He shifted his promise from the “we’ll win you millions”…

…to “we’ll treat you like family”.

That meant everyone was welcoming and friendly. You got a hug and a smile. Nice little gifts and touches. Stuff like that.

You still happened to win some money.

But that wasn’t their promise.

It was about how we’ll take care of you along the way.”We’re #1 in client service.”If you get results better than 4 in 5 agencies…

…which in our space is a low, low bar…

…then you might want to focus on what you bring to the table…

…other than money.

Random thoughts on a Thursday in Mexico.

May the force be with you.

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