Weekly Q&A

Topics include:

* What are the easiest niches for lead gen when it comes to service delivery? I’m in the interior design and I can close clients but delivery part is very difficult for this niche so I am losing clients and just spinning my wheels

* Do you really have to do client approvals for content creation such as the ad copy?

So they interfere and undermine your expertise? Delays?

Any thoughts?

* Looking for a media buyer that has experience in home services.

* Really curious… what percentage of revenue is your payroll?

* I’m wondering how much you guys pay/charge for FB ads management. What’s included in the price? I’m getting quotes all over the board.

* What do you charge for a package that includes onsite/offsite robust SEO, 4 1,000 word optimized blogs with links, Local service ad management, monthly reports and meetings and social media creation and posting on 4 platforms, 5x a week?

* What are the differences between a $3,000 website,

and a $30,000 website?

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