Weekly Q&A

Topics include:

* Hi guys!

Im running a dynamic ad for a client, facebook chose a winner creative pretty early and got great results for 2-3 weeks, now cpl increased because the frequency is between 2-4.

I have new creatives prepared, what would be the best approach now?

Delete the (good but exhausted) creative and add the new ones to the exact same ad?

How about the other creatives that remained pretty much unused (because facebook chose a winner early) do i delete them or keep them?

Or how would you do it?

* Hi, I own a Ecom business and want to do paid fb ads on my own (no agency requests please!!).

I am familiar with the theory part of creating Video Ads with UGC. My question: Since I have several hundred products…. how can I create a great video ad for each product in a cost efficient way and on scale? What services do you use and how to test many creatives with a low risk budget?

Thanks for sharing your processes with me!

* What’s the largest number of clients you’ve served before making your first hire?

* Hello, everyone. I’m approaching deal sourcing through podcast interviews and building rapport, getting some success but not much. I love to help them out and try to find any way I can assist the deal source. I would be interested to hear how other people are approaching it, and what has been working in progressing that conversation to build a referral source. Love Jay Abrama’s work on strategic partnerships, but I get a little lost once connections have been made, how do really push referrals. Obviously, the 90-day challenge was giving me a little bit of insight but would be interested to hear how you structure deals Frankie Fihn

PS Random thinking in Australia

* When you work with a white label agency, what margins do you typically look for and how do you get them?

* Experienced agency owners, what would you do? See the email I received from our graphic designer (subcontractor) in the Philippines, a mom of 2. We’ve been working together for 6 months.

“I am sorry for asking such favor, I am writing this email using my phone. My laptop broke down and been fixing it for hours now. I could not finish the graphics you assigned. I would like to humbly asked if I can borrow some funds to buy a laptop amounting to $1,200 and will pay you after a month if that is okay with you once I am able to save funds. I have no one to ask such an amount. I will immediately buy the laptop once the funds are available so I can finish the pending work you have requested. I promise I will pay you or else I won’t be able to feed my family.”

* Hello all, hope all is well. I currently run an advertising agency that specializes in providing PPC services to Medspas and private medical practices. I’m having issues regarding client acquisition when contacting practices directly as I am having difficulty getting past the receptionists and to the owner/director who is in charge of marketing decisions. Any advice or tips on getting through the ”gatekeepers” will be very much appreciated.

* I’m not sure what I did wrong but I’m running ads for a client but the leads are coming from out of state. I thought I brought it to a 50 mile radius but I’m not sure where I went wrong.

* hey guys- hope you’re well today. quick question. We’ve been looking to streamline our SOP process .. maybe using Scribe- cool program. But it doesn’t make a checklist for people to click off and “save” when they complete a process. When we paste Scribes into Asana, it deletes the cool screenshots.. so not awesome. We’re looking possibly into using asana to organize the SOPs, and then paste links to scribe for details. Curious if you see a better way? We loved the template structure of Process Street and how clean everything was, but they’re now $100/month = (sad!)

* what strategy would you use to intrigue multiple law firms in order to get them to engauge with you about more info about SEO / web development via facebook messenger?

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