A lot of folks give up too soon.

They never build real momentum.

A lifetime of poor and middle class programming has them confused about what this entrepreneurship journey looks like.

Jobs are linear.

Want to earn more? Work more hours.


Entrepreneurship is NOT like that. It’s NOT linear.

You may work hundreds of hours before seeing the fruits of your efforts.

But the rewards are non-linear too.

It’s like growing a tomato plant.

You plant a seed. You water it every day. You pick weeds along the way. You do that day after day after day.

For weeks and weeks and weeks…

…no sign of tomatoes.

Then one day, you wonder…

“What the fuck are we going to do with all these tomatoes?”

Suddenly you’re giving away jars of tomato sauce to all your friends and family.

Too many people give up 3 weeks into a tomato plant and say, “I’ll try corn or maybe potatoes are an easier niche.”

And they start over and never see tomatoes, corn, or potatoes.

Expect some failure along the way. Expect some uphill effort in the beginning.

Anything worth doing is like that.

Hiring, teams and systems, and getting consistent deal flow are like that.

Random thoughts on a Wednesday afternoon in Mexico.

May the force be with you.

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