Can we build a white label agency to $10k-$20k/month? In a brand-new niche with 0 leads, connections, or resources?

Running a challenge inside our mastermind.

We’re building a $10k-$20k/month white label, hands-off, passive income agency.

That means, we take in the cash and someone else does the fulfillment. With a spread in the middle.

Giving ourselves 90 days in a brand, new niche.

This is intentionally stacking the deck against us. I want to start at true zero.

Who would be interested in following along?

It’d be nothing fancy. Just a Google doc. A 1-2 minute video update and documenting actions taken.

We may fail and end up with some great learning lessons. Though I’m sure it can be done.

Drop a comment if you’d like updates.

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