This is the closest thing to free money I’ve found….

…especially if you have traffic already.

Let AI email your unconverted leads for you.

No matter how good you are at conversion, most people don’t buy.

What normally happens?

They leave.

This especially sucks on sales pages where they were very, very close to buying.

Here’s what does.

1. It can identify 15-20% of your visitors.

2. It uses AI to send an automated personalized sales message.

All this without an optin.

This is even better than retargeting because…

…There is no minimum traffic threshold.

…It’s personalized to the individual visitor. You can actually write to them and the specific thing they were looking at.

…AI writes the messages and personalizes them for you.

This video is a demo with the found Larry Kim. He also created Wordstream and Mobile Monkey.

We use it stupid simple.

“Hey saw you were visiting blah blah blah. Were there any questions we could answer for you?”

We had sales conversations in the first hour.

No bullshit. First hour.

I recommend you try the free version. See if it doesn’t recover a sale or two for you.

If you get it through big daddy’s link, I’ll also include a bonus course of your choice. Even if you don’t decide to buy it later.

If you run a digital marketing agency…

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