Weekly Q&A

Topics include:

* I have a potential client who converts their customers offline that I’d like to do revenue share with, rather than a monthly fixed fee. Any tips on how to set this up for success?

* If we’re targeting clients big enough, with enough products to sell (for rev share) they probably already have an email marketing guy. So how do we position ourselves to be an external consultant or whatever so we’re not stepping by g on their team’s toes?

Frankie Fihn or anyone else, what is the click to send snail mail platform you like best? Wanna try the Dan Kennedy Sales Letter method.

* Hey Frankie

Biggest problem is to show the right offer to leads

And making a good offer take a long time and energy and most people like me failing to make it

Is there any AI tool that can help build the right offer in the market

* How do you price your services?

* What’s the average churn rate for people with niche agencies? Would love to hear from newer agencies as well as seasoned ones with their process dialed.

* What does your agency’s onboarding process look like?

* Does anyone have a sheet with video recording instructions they send to clients who record their own videos? If yes, would you be willing to share it ?

* What’s the best opening line you’ve used to make a positive impression on a cold call?

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