Weekly Q&A

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Topics include:

* I run a lead generation campaign for a high ticket coaching service.

The funnel is a simple one pager. They land on the page, there’s a video that most people don’t watch and they can book a call.

No optins, no VSLs, none of that.

Cost per appointment is around 80 bucks.

This campaign has been profitable last few months consistently generating 4X roas.

Lately, it’s not doing so well. Sales reps are saying there’s a significant drop in lead quality.

And even before that I have always felt that results are due to luck.

It’s has always been very unstable.

I have 2 questions…

1. Do you guys see any drop in results recently? (Maybe because of seasonality). Any ideas why the quality of the leads may drop without changing anything whatsoever?

2. Regarding the lack of stability…is it possible to be because I am optimising for a conversion event with a high cost? We usually pay around 80 bucks per appointment. We spend around 240 per day. We get 1-2-3 appointment per day and therefore we are unable to leave the learning phase.

I am aware that we shouldn’t look at learning phase and care about it and we dont. But results are way more inconsistent than I would like them to be.

Maybe I can add a small email capture step before they book a call so we can send more conversions back to Facebook and help them optimise and find more of the right people?

I appreciate your input.

Many thanks.

* Anyone doing very well with a simplistic offering like a website or funnel only?

* Where do you find media buyers?

If you run a digital marketing agency…


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