Weekly Q&A

Topics include:

* Looking for your advice on something. I’m building back up, and am willing to pivot if it makes sense.

I want to most likely do both, but want to devote initial energy to one.

1. Retargeting campaigns on retainer + ad spend for PI attorneys, maybe some other attorneys

2. I’ve heard you talk about the rev share excitedly, starting with the thank you you’re special to their own email lists, still thinking attorneys. It sounds pretty great, easy sell, profit first. Reminds me of the OG frank kern, Perry belcher, Matt bacak offers from the good days of IM lol.

I’d like to get off the ground asap.

If you were restarting now, which would you focus on?

* Read what you posted about the advice to market your services to partners who are already working with the people in your industry and niche instead of marketing directly to a client , if you are below a certain amount of revenue.

How would you create an offer for them if your service is only looking for case studies out of your first 5 clients?

* Have a client that wants to expand their paid advertising (PPC) into HVAC. They’ve offered HVAC services for years but we’ve never run ads for that side of the business.

CPCs are, of course, high for anything that shows intent ~ $40+

We’ll be spending some budget on those types of searches of course, but this group seems to be good at getting in the side door for much lower cost, so wondering if anyone has any ideas that I can put some thought into and speak to the team about.

We’re a Google Ads / local SEO agency primarily, but happy to branch into other platforms if the idea looks solid.

* AUTOMATED Influencer marketing framework is just awesome. A rare find for sure. Amazing creation Frankie Fihn , after the previous loom video marketing framework. Love your work

* Thank you for the answer and the links… yet, I cannot see anywhere the sales method you mention in the audiobook (“we discovered a way to get clients every week without webinars, SEO, or complicated funnels.”) could you maybe talk about it here?

* So can you maybe talk about how you find the people you send the Loom videos?

* I still feel stuck on how exactly I should approach and what to say to potential partners.

Example, there are some accountants that specialize in aesthetic practices. Or consultants that help doctors start their own clinic/medspa.

What does my email even look like to them?

I have a friend doing the same thing I am, and he’s raking in the strategic partners, and one of his offers is to make them a new site for free. Obviously that’s just one angle, I’m curious to hear others.

* Agency Owners – How did you land your first 1-5 clients?

If you run a digital marketing agency…


Bonus 1: My copy and paste $100k client 4-day cash machine campaign.

Bonus 2: How we sign $1k-10k/month agency clients without phone calls using 5-minute Loom videos.

Bonus 3: Script to get a new client conversation in your inbox in under 10 minutes without ads, SEO, funnels, Google, or Facebook.

Download Here: https://bit.ly/2KzJ6sS