Weekly Q&A:

Topics include:

* Anyone sold their agency? Recommendations on best market places to sell welcomed

* What platforms could you recommend for posting to several social media accounts simultaneously? Specifically IG/FB + YT (shorts) + Twitter + Tik Tok ?

Perferrably a platform that could handle sub accounts for clients.


* Have a client that wants to send referrals to us and is asking about our referral fee. We are a fairly new agency and don’t have one in place yet. Any recommendations on some good options?

* Looking for some angles on this. I’m using Frankie Fihn simple/ingenious approach for cold email where I ask if they serve a certain kind of customer. This is for plumbers so I ask “I see you do installs, do you also do service work?” (shockingly this only gets a 30% replay when sent to owners of plumbing companies). See below.

I don’t know how to transition well with an offer to help them generate more reviews — as I reached out to them because they have less than 75 reviews, are advertising on Google LSA, and have been in business +4 years. I feel like the transition is too abrupt and therefore loses all momentum.

Anyone found a way that gets people open to watching your video? Example of an email thread below and accompanied Loom (Dramatic Demonstration Video + Offer). Any feedback welcome! Loom:

* want to go after influencers, but I don’t have agency history/case studies/testimonials/results yet to prove to people I can be the one to do a strategic partnership with

* What’s your mental process for solving bottlenecks in your agency?

* Frankie Fihn so regarding Deal Sources. I’d be curious your thoughts on this:

[I sell a review generation software/service priced between $199 – $299 a month. Targeting homes services ideally HVAC/Plumbing.]

Accountants/CPAs have a good number of small business owners (all niches) that they serve, but Payroll Salespeople have small business owners they serve as clients PLUS they have about 100 to 200 CPAs/Accountants they partner with that they often do rev-share deals with. I’m thinking of doing rev-shares with CPAs to get them to refer (happy to do it with the Payroll people too).

Would be curious if you would approach CPAs 1-to-1, or would it be more strategic to connect with Payroll people instead (asking who serves HVAC/Plumbing companies)? Curious where you would spend your time building relationships and at which level?

Thanks in advance, brother!

* This post sums up where I find myself right now.

Our agency is 5 weeks old, but I’m doing agency for 9 years, and our parent company handles some of the biggest clients in Israel. I’ve sent out emails about revshare, as well as getting people more reviews for free. So far, one hand raised, talked to them once, haven’t heard back, followed up in insta and by phone yesterday.

I feel like I don’t have enough proof that’ll make someone say, sure let’s give this a go.

In aesthetics niche. Basically all outreach was to doctors, except a revshare I offered to an influencer to help him sell a course, no response.

Partly venting, partly would love some suggestions. Thanks team.

* Love this. So simple. Question Frankie Fihn, who do you target when approaching an Association/Deal Source? Are you aiming at the leader (CEO/President/Director) or for someone in their Marketing department? Curious who the best “deal sender” position is in a organization vs. the person you would reach out to in order to create a positive “affiliation” with/the initial connection?

* For those that send cold emails, do you respond to “not interested” emails? If so, how?

* What’s your go to frame work for the objection “its too expensive”


* Facebook vs Youtube paid ads. Anyone have strong arguments for which to focus on?

* Help, I’m dealing with a nightmare client!

After 2 months of ads management and 1 month SEO she says she’s unhappy with the service and wants a refund!

We optimized her ads, gave her a better mothers day than she had last year with 5X ROI on her budget, and the SEO was just getting started.

She is claiming I should have proof of every single technical thing we did or fixed while working on her marketing, shes not paying her ads invoice and demanding a refund for her previous invoice.

Have you ever had to deal with something like this?

Some things, like correcting ads settings are not really possible to document, especially when it’s demanded after the fact..

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