Free Training: A Web Design Business Is Worthless + What To Do About It

Here’s what sucks about web design:

* Most months, you start over at zero

* Clients are not just comparing you to other designers…

….but a library of do it yourself funnel software and WordPress templates

* Clients often don’t know what they want and it’s your fault

But the worst part is…

…if you design websites for 15+ years…

…your business is worth $0.

Read that again.

Nobody would buy it.

It has what folks call “zero enterprise value”.

Because nobody wants to buy a business that depends 100% on the owner.

But there is a way to still make websites AND build enterprise value.

You still create fancy websites, but you turn your solution into a platform.

And it often has a 10-20x multiple.

I brought on my good friend and mentor Raj Jha to share this…

…it’s a way to tweak your design business into a platform.

We show a few real companies have done and it’s easier than most people think.

In doing so, you create real, lasting, sellable value for your business.

Plus recurring revenue.

So if that’s cool to you, watch this video.

May the force be with you.

If you run a digital marketing agency…

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