Getting a $10k rev-share deal with 1 sentence that you can deliver in a weekend…

It used to be to get clients…

…you’d have to cold message 1000 strangers, try and find a script that worked, get mostly ghosted, to get a few survivors on a calendar, grind it out with long 45-90 minute sales calls, send proposals, ask if they read your proposal yet, and hopefully get a handful of clients to pay you $1k-$10k/month.

We’ve found you can actually get peeps to give you $10k…

…and all it takes is a sentence or two.

All it takes is a no risk revenue share offer.

So why doesn’t everyone do rev-share deals? And why don’t more clients ask for them?

Reason #1: They believe their cash flow problems can only be solved with “new”.

If you talk to 100 business owners, all 100 will ask you for more new business.

And there are no shortage of other asshole marketers who will give them more new leads.

Reason #2: They don’t want to “bother” their existing buyers.

“They already know who I am and what I do.”

Plus, they fear taking imperfect action will damage their customer base.

They believe making an offer may damage their reputation with their existing customers.

(By the way, this is the biggest objection you usually get on these deals… not money.)

Reason #3: They don’t even know it’s possible!

A friend of mine sells weight less pills at her ecommerce store.

She didn’t think her customers would buy more weight loss pills.

I convinced her to try.

A few basic emails sent.

10% of the people who bought one single $29 bottle were okay with being auto-shipped 3 bottles per month for a year. 30x bump in those customers.

Like most businesses, she thought her customer’s itch had been forever scratched.

They couldn’t possibly want more if she just offered it.

Reason #4: They don’t want to touch marketing.

For most people, marketing is just a necessary evil that enables them to do their thing.

Plumbers want to be plumbers… not learn websites, PPC, SEO, and email marketing.

Reason #5: They’re too damn busy.

Been working on a rev-share deal with an A-lister for a while.

They sell $100’s of millions to their audience for over 40 years.

So why would they want someone else to do it?

Because they’re fucking busy.

They know they can do 1000+ things to grow their biz. They have time for maybe 3.

In this case, this person speaks almost 8 hours per day, every day.

They don’t have time to run email and direct mail campaigns.

They have other offers they’re busy promoting.

Random thoughts in Mexico.

May the force be with you.

If you run a digital marketing agency…


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