Sometimes social media makes everyone feel less successful than someone else.

Remember, it’s a fucking highlight reel… not reality.

Last night, I fell asleep watching a hockey game in 4 OT. So I woke up and watched the 5-minute highlights.

The highlights left out the struggles, the stoppages, the bloopers, and the boring spots.

It’s a summary, not the real total experience.

I just say this because a lot of y’all are comparing yourself to someone else that looks like their life is pure awesome and has it all figured out.

If you’re around this industry long enough, you’ll meet $100,000,000 entrepreneurs with failing marriages and a dark battle with alcohol.

Or guys who look like they’re ripping down the street in Lambos… in reality, rented it for an hour to sell a course.

Fuck everyone else’s social media.

Run your own fucking race. Just be better than the you of yesterday. Even if only by 1%.

That’s really winning.

Everyone who has been successful in entrepreneurship over the long haul has failed. Self included.

In fact, my list of failures is 20x my list of winners. Easily.

I’ve tried a lot of dumb shit. And still continue to try dumb shit.

Though I’ve gotten better at reigning myself in.

I hope that someone reading this today spends less time caught up in the social media status game…

…and just focuses on being in their own lane.

Be a better you.

The world has enough copies anyway.

Random thoughts on a Wednesday in Mexico.

May the force be with you.

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