If you want to have a quantum leap forward of $5k, $10k, $20k, or even $50k/month and do it within an hour…

…despite what everyone in our industry is shouting…

…it’s not done with mountains of outreach, booked appointments, and appointment setters.

When I was 13, I used to sell chocolate bars door to door for the blind.

We’d spend 4-6 hours in the hot summer pounding on doors. I’d walk away with $50-100.

As a kid, that covered all my candy and video game expenses. I thought we were crushing life.

Outreach is the modern form of digital door-knocking. If you message a bajillion strangers, you will sell a few chocolate bars here and there. Eventually, will get your candy and video game needs met.

But it’s literally the least efficient way possible. It’s a ton of effort that leaves little time left over to serve clients.

Plus, you annoy the ever-living fuck out of a lot of people in the process.

And nobody sees an expert heart surgeon knocking on doors. You give up a lot of “expert status”.

Every now and then, our manager would ask the sales manager at the local grocery store if we could offer our chocolate bars outside the front doors.

When they said yes, we’d sell more chocolate bars in 10 minutes than we did in 6 hours of door-knocking.

There was a steady flow of peeps. Peeps with money.

Not just random strangers, either. People who left the house with the intention of buying food. Going by every 5-10 seconds.

We tapped into their existing buyer flow.

This works just as well in your agency niche, FYI.

Jay Abraham says he likes to ask himself what people buy before, after, and instead of his product or service.

The point is this…

…in every single niche, there are people who have spent 5, 10, or 20 years building up buyer flow.

You don’t have to create buyer flow with sheer effort. You can tap into what’s been already created for you.

The grocery store already has enough buyer flow to keep you fed for a lifetime. And there are plenty of them around.

Even better when you can add value in the process.

It’s your choice.

Bang on 1000 doors.

Ask 1 grocery store manager and sell 1000 people at once.

After 15 years in this biz, I know which one I choose.

Random thoughts on a Friday afternoon in Mexico.

May the force be with you.


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