You can build a 7-figure agency that…

…has constant meetings and phone calls

…tethers you to your phone and laptop 24-7

…has perpetual demands from clients in your inbox

…with clients who it’s never fast enough, quick enough, or cheap enough for

…constantly in ad managers, reports, and things that bind you to a screen

…and be the only one you know working Sunday night on your laptop


Here’s the thing. That does work.


But I’ve found that it’s much better to have…

…1 tightly engineered repeatable process

…have detailed systems and processes

…have good people to manage those systems and processes

…be able to walk away for an entire week and know the work is getting done

…and have the machine run without you

And here’s the kicker.

A well-oiled machine that runs without you is actually better for the clients.

Random thoughts on a Saturday morning in Mexico.

May the force be with you.

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