Hello YouTube Partner

Here's What We Do For People Like You

$824k payment wired to their account

Crossed $500k/month

Now buying rental properties.

Works Well For YouTube Creators Who

Have at least 100k subscribers

Sorry, doesn’t work for small channels

Niche focused channel

Sorry, doesn’t work as well for pure entertainers

Evergreen content

Sorry, has to be interesting to people 5-10 years from now

Here's How It Works

Step 1: You already did the hard work. You cranked out quality videos. You built a following.

It’s our job to get you paid. There are no fees and you will never have to write us a check ever.

Step 2: We hunt down relevant sponsorship opportunities and create deals for you and your audience. We only get relevant stuff that will make you look good to your audience.

Step 3: We add a pinned comment below your videos. Similar to how I do it on my own YouTube channel. 

You don’t have to make any new content or promote anything. We just add a pinned comment to your existing videos.

Step 4: You get royalty payments just like these. These examples are some from my own inbox. 

There is zero up front cost to you. We bring you the deal and take 30-50%, which we get directly from your sponsor. We are “found money” to you. You don’t pay us ever.

Here's How To Get Started

A Little About Us

A little about us:

  • Been working online for 17+ years.
  • Have generated over $30,000,000 in sales.
  • Wrote a best-selling book.
  • Been featured alongside some of the biggest names in our industry.
  • Have been interviewed 1000’s of times.
  • Spoken on stages all around the world.
  • …and yes, even have our own YouTube channel

Frankie Fihn
Author, Speaker, & YouTube Creator