Weekly Q&A

Topics include:

* Do you think that email marketing is still relevant in the age of social media dominance?

* Hey, Frankie Fihn Im reading your book and in page 20 you said 5 to 10 custom clients will often take 40 to 80 hours of work. Do you still believe that post AI?

* Do you guys recommend starting with a niche or starting with businesses from your area as a beginner ? I’ve been trying a niche but it might be too small/hard for beginner + client want nation wide exclusivity..

* For those of you that offer GHL as a part of your packages, what are you doing besides offering a CRM and setup? What other value do you bring to the table with GHL?

* Has anyone used a pay for performance model successfully?

* Hi everyone, new agency start up here. How do you justify price a increase for one of your clients? Context: I lowballed myself to get one of my first SEO clientsin the dumpster rental space months ago for a monthly retainer of $500/m. We agreed at the chance to revisit a price increase after getting him good results. He was originally using Google Ads to drive calls but the CPC was rather high and weren’t converting on his wonky Wix website. He was wasting $2,400 on Google Ads every month and now SEO drives more calls and convert higher than Google Ads at 1/5 the price.

I suggested he move to WordPress or Webflow to get better SEO performance. We migrated his website to Webflow, overhauled it’s on page content and built some citations and optimized his GBP which gave him a much needed boost in rankings and calls. I do the work myself but the tools for reporting and market research are getting more expensive. I feel like Im undercharging for my services since his average ticket size is around $350 – 500 per rentla so if SEO brings in 2 rentals, that is more than enough to cover the SEO costs.

I brought the price increase up to him a month ago but said he had been going through a rough time and had spent a lot of money as the business adopted a new dispatching software, bought new trucks and hired a new employee and one of his dumpsters got stolen and lit on fire. The price increase wasn’t anything outrageous, a $250 increase bringing it up to $750/m.

Im not sure how to approach this as im barely starting out so I would greatly appreciate any feedback!

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